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If we now look at Byron Nelson’s swing you will appreciate that it’s not one of the classic golf swings you will ever see, an awful lot of leg action and leg drive towards the golf ball and a massive vertical dip down into the ball as his legs go laterally. Not something I would encourage most people to copy. You might see bit of the more modern technique bit of a more modern swing still have a little bit of a dip in that Woods and McIlroy both tend to dip into the golf ball as their legs drive laterally, but it’s definitely not something we want to see too much sort of an excessive movement off.

Now Nelson’s had a fantastic career, 5 time major champion and winning 11 consecutive golf tournaments all in a row, but with a golf swing like that you can kind of see how most modern players would try and actually maintain a little bit more vertical stability and not throw themselves into it. The risk if you feel that you are dipping and dropping into the golf ball too much is to get a vertical problem at the impact point either you will drop into it too much and hit the ball heavy and fat in the golf ball or you get this feeling that if you have gone down at some point you have got to come back up again and you might feel like you are going to hit over the top of the golf ball. So try and maintain a little bit more vertical stability, laterally your head can move across with your hips and it should move back across over the top of the golf ball this way but we don’t really want to encourage too much of this action unless you are very, very aggressive with your legs and you make the relevant compensations with your body, your hands and your arms, you could struggle if you are going up and down too much. So it’s not a great thing to have that vertical head movement, focus on the lateral head movement and driving back across but not dipping up and down too much.