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Video Transcript

If you’ve done the right things to do with your setup, your grip, your stance, your ball position and your back swing for your wedge shots, the down swing with the wedge shot is relatively simple. The only thing I would just say to people here is don’t get in your own way. Don’t try and manipulate the golf club. If you’ve got the ball set in the center of an open stance with the body weight leaning left, you’re gripping down and you’ve picked it up nice and steep, you’re in a very, very good position ready to hit this ball. The only thing you need to do is turn and you’ll strike it fine.

One thing we see people do here is they get in their own way. They try and manipulate the club when really that’s not what they should be doing. The manipulation comes from leaning back and flipping the hands, and trying desperately to hit the ball up into the air. Now that’s just an instinctive thing. Golfers think that, “A pitch shot goes high, a chip shot goes high, I need to help it out.” You really don’t. You’re set up in a great position here. You’re on your left side. You’ve picked the golf club up, just turn onto the top of that ball and you’ll strike it really, really nicely. So in a good position turn, pull down and the strike’s already there for you.

The most common mistakes at the top of the back swing, manipulation. Lean back, try and flip it, body weight comes back to this position. So from the top of your back swing, into your down swing, turn to your front side and trust that all the hard work and the preparation you did for your wedge shot would lead to a clean, crisp strike.