Video Series

Video Transcript

We all know by now that the golf swing is a myriad of lots of different moving parts and they’re all designed to try and deliver the club head down to the golf ball in the best line, with the best face position, at the most speed and also with the most consistency.

Whenever you watch golfers on the TV for a clue of how are they doing it and how I am doing it, one of the biggest difference is that the club golfer will see is the professional golfers’ hip action. We see so many of the really best players in the world, the really good players in the world getting through the ball with terrific hip action down to impact position and through to a follow through. And club golfers often struggle to – to sort of copy that if you like. They find that coming down into the golf ball, they hit and then they follow through with the hip action rather than to a degree the hip action leading the way.

So in this next little series of videos, we’re going to look specifically at the role of the left hip. What is the left hip doing during the golf swing, during the backswing, during the downswing and how can the club golfer copy that to try and get as close to those professional golfers’ swings as possible.

So if you’ve ever struggled with what is my left hip meant to be doing, I never think about my left hip – and I really should say front hip so for the right-handed golfers, it’s going to be the left hip but for the left-handed, it’s going to the right hip – so what is the front hip doing during the golf swing?

So from a good address position we can clearly see the left hip or the front hip get quite involved in the swing, but one of the specifics of that action. So during this next little miniseries of videos, we’re going to look specifically at the front hip during the golf swing.