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Can you imagine a modern day golf professional, one of the guys in the PGA Tour, 28 years old wins the Order of Merit, 2 years later retires off the tour? Doesn’t really happen these days, guys are in there for a full time career.

Bob Toski actually did this back in the day. He retired off the Tour to spend some time with his family. He’s got a nice paycheck off the PGA Tour. He’s won the money then retires off the Tour.

He is still involved in golf. He has been back and played some Seniors Golf as well. He’s still playing the game, school, teaching the game, I’m sorry. 85 years old now so he’s got a lot of good memories from the game of golf, a lot of things we could learn from him.

Now one of the drills that I’ve sort of picked up from him is a fairly quirky drill. It’s not something you’d see most people teaching. It involves taking 2 golf clubs by the heads and holding them vertically downwards. Just try to bang the ends together. If you can bang the club head ends together nicely likely that, you’re probably gripping the golf club with nice, light grip pressure, developing feel through your hands.

If you strangle the club heads and try to swing them, there’s a chance they’ll miss. They won’t bang together very regularly. So let the club heads hang naturally. Let them just hang loosely then bang them together gently. Remember the feel that you’ve got in your fingers there.

Bob Toski was a real big fan of swinging the golf club lightly using the fingers, using the hands nicely just to brush the ball away. Particularly nice to have that in your short game, nice, soft grip pressure, nice and soft in the fingers, really going to help you out getting more touch and more feel around the greens.