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So the correct strategy about playing in the wind just starting off as another calm day on a perfect light to get that ball around the golf course but if that wind is blowing excessively. Well here we are going to kind of rethink about what we are going to do with the strategy. So basically what I want to do is think about first of all the wind direction. So here we are hitting a ball into the camera. The wind is very strong it’s coming off the right hand side, as I let the down the left hand side so first of all stand behind, don’t rush into your club selection think about what you want to do. If I hit the ball down the middle the chances are the wind is going to hit it and drift towards the left hand side. So the first thing you should you might actually have to set up in a position where were actually aiming a little bit to the right so we are now compensating for that wind. So first f all think about what the strategy about how to play that golf shot. Don’t just pull the club out think about that wind direction, the wind is behind maybe you are going to take a club less because the ball is going to travel further and vice versa so think about that first of all.

Now the second thing I want you to think about is very, very rare do we tend to find the wind blowing behind; it always seems to come against or from an angle at which case you can imagine when you play that shot, that wind tends to knock the ball down or drift it somewhere. So we need to kind of learn how to play sort of knock down shot. Now again you could play with any sort of club or you could play with a Fairway Wood you could play with a mid iron, long iron. So think about first of all the distance that you are faced with. Here is the technique. To play a knock down shot we want to put ball position further back. So you can see I’ve got the ball now towards the right foot. You can see the distance and size not in the middle, its further back. I'm going to put my hands forward and from the hands keeping forward this is going to encourage me to keep the hands leading that impact so I hit down and through.

From this position, I m going to keep my weight predominantly just slightly on the left hand side and I'm going to swing the club back with my arms. So as I go back you can see I have kept my weight quite static my arms are quite straight and the back swing is really like a half three-quarter back swing and from there we are going to concentrate on hitting down and through. We’re not going to try and hit up, not the club let’s go back three-quarter swing, back. And you can see the follow through is nice and it’s the same length and that ball is going to low ball flight and that was a seven iron I was hitting; that ball has gone low. So you can see the technique there of actually getting back into a position here and through, remember this is windy conditions. We want to keep that ball under the wind and get the best result out that we can possibly do.

From that position you can – as we mentioned there we have the weight 60:40 we had a three-quarter back swing, we kept the swing as we went back, nice low and slow. And these are the strategies for playing good shots against the wind. But remember the biggest thing I see about club golf is going the golf course is to get into the wind and you just pull that club selection out just so quickly without actually having to think about what you want to do. So think about what do you want to do, how do you visually see that shot and then depending on those factors pull out whatever club and use that technique either allow for the wind or play that very safe shot that three-quarter swing, so windy conditions don’t necessarily have to be too difficult for you.