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One last benefit of a super wide golf swing takeaway might actually be the effect it has on the way the ball flies. So we often see golfers struggle with slicing the golf ball and we know that slicing the golf ball is caused by the club being outside the line and then swinging across the ball, swinging down the left-hand side, the ball curved to the right because the clubface is open to backswing path. That creates that left to right spin. But often golfers don't appreciate how important the first move back away from the ball is to create the correct downswing path.

So if the golfer brings the club very aggressively inside the line in the takeaway sometimes done in the desire to try and get the club on to a flat plane or a flat path they bring the club in here thinking it's going to drop this way. But actually it tends not to, it tends to find a golf that's flat on the inside will hit the buffers, hit the brick wall back here, go up and already then we've got a forwards looping downswing momentum happening in the golf swing, comes back, hits the buffers then come over.

In fact a golfer that makes a super wide on line takeaway where the shafts in the left arms stay nicely in line with each other tends to be out here. Now as we get to the top we should feel like that's a lot more room down on the inside, a lot more opportunity to drop the club to the inside to then swing through from the inside this way. So we want the golfer to take a nice wide straight line takeaway here up to the top and the feel like that can drop inside that to swing from the inside. Swinging on the inside is one of the first elements that would start to eliminate the slice.

Swinging the golf club flat around the body hits the break wall, goes up, comes over, that's one of the things that causes a slice. If you are struggling with a slice, just consider how that wide takeaway with a straight left arm line here can cause the issue also it can create the correction to the issue that might have been caused by swinging in here having no room and then coming back over the top. So a super wide takeaway with a straight left arm is going to be a very positive change to your game.