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Video Transcript

So now we can have a look at the late great Seve Ballesteros golf swing. Seve was notoriously good at the sort game, chipping, and pitching, and putting. And really that was down to his educated hands again. He was very, very good at manipulating the golf club with his hands. And he needed to be, because in his golf swing he was in a position the way that I wouldn’t encourage many people to get to.

He started off with a very handsy take, where he lifted the golf club up, got quite narrow into the top of the back swing. That meant that he was not very wide in the top, didn’t have a very wide arc, and a lot of golfers would just struggle for power from that position, but Seve was incredibly good at driving off with his powerful legs. Dropping the golf club in, at the last minute releasing the golf club to the ball. But if you feel that you’re a bit handsy in the take away, that can lead to a lack of distance, and a bit of inconsistency as well.

This is where we can go back to looking a nice one piece take away. So from a good set up, take the club away, low and slow to the floor, pushing it back towards the back, back wall here, lifting it up with a nice wide L-shape arc position. Seve was a little bit narrow, a little bit quick with the wrist. Lifted the golf club up too early, but again, you need good hand action to sort that out. So particularly as you go through to your longer clubs, try and work on a nice domination of the chest, the chest turns away. That dominates the back swing, not the right hand picking the golf club away. So with your longer clubs, big turn away, nice L-shaped position, and turn that on to the golf ball, should give you a nice… nice bit of power, nice bit of control, both working together, rather than even to flick with your wrist and manipulate the golf club too much. And if you can get a nice one piece take away, that should really help your game as well.