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One of the great players of his generation was Byron Nelson. Byron Nelson was a fantastic golfer who absolutely dominated the scene in the 1940s. And he’s best remembered for 11 consecutive victories out of 18 in one season, in 1945. He was one of the major kind of role models for modern professionals and still has a tournament named after him to this very day.

Now, Byron Nelson was a strange swinger in a lot of ways. He had a few unique moves. And his whole career goal was to have enough money to buy a ranch and retire to, which he did at 34. So, he used golf to make his dreams come true. And his goal swing, like I said, was very unique and he had a very few strange movements in, that can work for selected people, maybe not technical aspects of the swing that will be taught by everyone. But if you do have these movements, you can use them to a fantastic effect. What Byron Nelson did in his swing, which is rather unique, was he got a big, wide takeaway. But as the downswing started, would dip down considerably with his head moving a long way towards the body and towards the ball, before moving through, clearing the hips up and away, whilst keeping the head a little further down that he was, have to address. From there, he would hit and then extend upwards.

This rather large head drop for a lot of people can cause the club to bottom out and can cause the ground to be caught before the ball. But for Byron Nelson, what he used to do is clear so well that he used to make fantastic connection with the ball every time. Now, this isn’t something that a lot of people would want to implement in today’s game. But if you do have a head dip, making sure that the hip’s clear and then move upwards and out of the way through impact, it can cause a fantastic strike and a fantastic show. So nice and wide, dip down and then clear the hips, and it certainly worked for Byron Nelson. And if you can implement it into your game, it could work for you as well.