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Video Transcript

Feel like your similar to Fred Funk's game. Not renowned as the biggest hitter on the tour but certainly very accurate driver of golf ball. And Funk really works on the good fundamentals. The things I like to work in my own game too. There is no exercise of set for you here really shows the visualization process that Funk goes through before every tee shots. He imagines himself standing on two train lines.

Now we have one train lines set up here which is the ball of the target line. One train line here for the body. And he just makes sure that before he hits the golf ball everything is exactly plum and square. The club's pointing nice and square and straight. The feet are pointing nice and square and straight. Most of his shoulders are nice and square. There's no point having everything lined up and the shoulder this way. He then works on good athletic posture, so a little bit in knee flex, hips pushed well back and a really good strong set up over the ball. And if you got those fundamentals right, firstly we'll help you get a good golf swing.

And secondly, if your golf swing isn’t quite perfect this set up will actually mask a lot of those problems. Everything's lined up correctly. The face is square, the feet is square, the shoulders are square and you're turning back and through the golf ball from that position will really help mask a few of your problems in your game. So certainly it wouldn’t want you to feel that you got a fault in your game and start compensating too much for it by changing your set up. Stick to good visualization, something out simple as two train tracks. Stand behind your golf ball. Look down the fairway line, one train track for your ball to target line, one train track for your body line. Get nice and square. Nice and solid at set up. Just like Fred Funk, good fundamentals in your swing from there and a lot of your mistakes will start to disappear.