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If you are looking to use a long and slow back swing you need to know how to actually adjust for implementing this into your swing. A classic example of this is someone who is a very fast swinger starting the swing out with a really slow long take away can feel very, very difficult. And it can be a little bit of a struggle to actually get that within your technique. There is also other factors that need to bear in mind though. For example if you are taking it away, very long and very slow away from the ball what are the other factors in the swing that you need to bear in mind? When does the swing begin to pick up pace again?

At what points does it begin to pick up pace again? Where should the different speeds be? Now in general terms after you’ve take a nice long and slow backswing the club moves away from the ball, it should carry along a similar vein throughout the back swing. It should continue to be quite long and quite languid and not overly rushed because as you actually reach the top of the swing you are going to have that very, very slight moment of pause any way. Every golfer when they reach the top of their swing will have a very slight pause. We are talking milliseconds. But the club will pretty much stop. Then it begins its downward kind of trajectory into the shot.

And this is where the changes in pace start to begin. But you can pretty much reverse the order of what you’ve just done. So on the back swing the way you’ve taken it away long and slow speeds up a little bit as it gets to the top and stops. From the top of the swing what you can also do is start it nice and slowly as well. And then gradually build up speed as you actually hit. That is how you can adjust and that is how you can measure the correct ways and the correct times that you’ve increased speed through the ball. But as always give it a go. Try these different speeds out try and implement that long slow back swing into your technique if you’re a fast swinger and see how it goes.