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When you’re putting how should the back stroke move away from the ball for the most accurate results? Well I think what we can do here, we can learn from other sporting activities that produce a lot of accuracy consistency. So if we look at somebody for example playing darts, they would take the dart they would bring it straight back and deliver it straight through and straight back straight through is going to deliver the most accurate results. Likewise somebody playing snooker can bring the snooker cue straight back and straight through to produce the most accurate results and any curving in darts, or any curving in snooker or pool isn’t producing any great results.

So the same thing needs to happen really in golf. You could imagine that the line on the back of your putter, that’s your pool cue. You want to bring that pool cue straight back and straight through as regularly as possible to produce the most accurate roll on your putts. So particularly looking at this in the back stroke now, I set up nicely, I’ve got everything nicely on line, I want to bring that club straight back so my line is pointing exactly at the golf ball, and exactly at my intended target line. For example if I made a bad stroke, got my bottom elbow tucked in a little bit too much that could pull the club inside the line.

So I’m off line opening the face like if it I lifted my hands, my hands would take the club outside the line potentially hitting the face as well and any mistake in my stroke in the back swing is probably going to be compounded by a compensatory motion in the follow through. So it’s really important that I work hard taking the club straight back and taking the club straight through keeping them between these two rails. These two rails you can practice at home with two spare clubs. Take out your putting wedge and your sun wedge lay them on the carpet and in the lounge, put the club right in between and just and get that club rocking straight back and straight through, straight back as you possibly can. Remember the dart thrower, and the pool player, straight back and straight through. As much as you can do that, you’ll improve the accuracy of your putts.