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Video Transcript

Now with any part of your game, it’s pretty easy to understand that if you practice something more you will get better at it. And probably the biggest most underrated and most under practiced part of anyone’s golf game that will affect their score in the biggest way is going to be their putting game. We see so few people actually spending any quality time out on the putting green. I mean I’ve been out on this putting green filming there for about an hour and I’ve been the only person here. It’s a beautiful Sunday evening, nobody here. People pounding balls on the range and going on the golf course. Nobody, actually using the putting green, which is great for me, but it does show there is a bit of a problem that people aren’t practicing their putting game enough. We see maybe three or four balls down whack, whack, whack, ready to go? “Yeah I’m coming to the first tee.” And they are off. And that’s the extent of people’s putting practice, is five minutes before the tee off if that.

So here’s a couple of really fun putting drills and putting games that I’d like you to utilize to make sure that you are encouraging yourself to practice, but also enjoying your putting practice as well. The first thing we are going to suggest is just take simple game of par 18. So par 18 is we are going to play nine holes around this putting green, playing from one hole to the next to the next, to the next, trying to take that in 18 shots. So drop the ball down, putt to this hole, two putt it move to the next hole, two putt that, two putt that, moving around the holes. If you I want to you can make them more difficult and play longer shots or shorter shots. But par 18 really helps you focus on the concept that you should be aiming to two putts from a longer range. Two putts is going to be acceptable. We are not expecting everyone to hold this putts in one go. Roll it down, tap it in, take a two putt move to the next one. Par 18 play it against a mate if you need to, nine holes around the putting green in 18 shots or less.

Now the next putting game I want you to try and do is the one I’ve set up here. Now this first tee peg hole I’ve set up there is two feet from the hole, and then three, four, five and six feet back away from the hole. And you could also replicate this on different compass points. So let’s say we’ve got the north line there, we are going to have the east, the west – sorry east, the south and the west lines around the putting course – round the hole and round the putting course, around the compass points. And then we are going to take five balls from the short hole, tap it in, tap it in, tap it in, tap it in. Tap one went in for five, and then move back to the next level and replicate the same thing from three and then go back to four feet, five feet and six feet putting them in. And as you go round the circles, not only does the putt get bigger, but also the pressure, the stress, the tension builds and that’s replicating the pressure that you would feel on the golf course as well. Because one thing in putting practice, it’s all very relaxed and if we don’t hit a good putt were just drop with another ball down have another go. The reality of the situation on the golf course is very different.

That even if you’ve got a very short putt, it probably has pressure and tension built into it. So this practice game here builds pressure and builds tension. And if time allows, what I would suggest is you don’t go off the putting green until you finish that drill. So two, three, four, five, six feet, you’ve got five times there, going round the compass points, you might have 20 putts and you say to yourself, “I want to try and hold all these 20 putts before I move on.” Now I’m not going to actually try this today because this could only end badly and I don’t know if we’ve got enough film in the camera. We definitely don’t have enough daylight to actually do this exercise. But try and do that exercise as regularly as you possibly can in your practice putting. Play par 18, play these five different distance putts. Build some pressure into your putting practice and see how that pays dividends next time you go to the golf course.