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Video Transcript

So you're joining me now in the bunker and I've set myself off the little ladder. So I've got ladders there spaced around about three to four paces apart each with the canes, and I'm going to try and take my bunker shots. I'm going to try and splash the ball out and try and land the ball in the ladder, and then bring it back in. So my first swing there nice, big, full, long backswing trying to play the ball all the way out to that back ladder. Then I can hit my next shot. Bring it in a bit. My next shot bring it in a bit. And if you can hit all those ladders in succession you know you're doing quite well. Then you can do a bit of variety with that game. You can try and hit three in a row into the first step and then three in a row into the second step, three in a row into the last step and just by using the ladder exercise to change your distance control of your bunker shots you'll focus on getting really, really good distance control and really, really good strikes because in a bunker it's not just about hitting the ball hard enough or hitting the ball soft enough. It's about getting the right quality of contact.

If you have a really hard swing that take too much sand you only get into step one. Take a really hard swing with no sand you clear all the steps right to the back edge. So when you play in this ladder exercises folks on the right power swing on the right contact on the golf ball. But do it in two stages. Try and hit each of the ladder steps individually and then try and hit three balls into each ladder step as well depending on how confident you get with this bunker ladder game you can then start to tighten those steps up so they become smaller and smaller. Practice the ladder bunker exercise and your bunker shots will improve no end.