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Video Transcript

Now there are lots of different drills that you can use to actually try and stop yourself from leaving these putt short. This is a fantastic one because it not only works on technique, it works on strike. It actually works on getting the ball past the hole. It actually works on the mental aspects of why you might be leaving putts chronically short. Now what I've done here I've set up a ladder drill. So different distances away from the hole just spread out in this kind of ladder formation. But as you can see, I've also added in an extra ball beyond the hole.

Now I’ve added it just beyond the hole on the right-hand side because what I want to be doing here is aiming at that as my target. What you’ll actually find with a lot of players who leave putt short is, is the nervous disposition over these putts. No wanting to hit it too hard, being tentative, using a target which is actually beyond the pin to aim for, takes the nerves out of the stroke. It makes you want to say, well okay, I'm not actually aiming for the hole any more. I'm aiming for something beyond the pin. And what will tend to happen is if you go for that, give it that a little bit of power.

Even if you do miss you're going to be hitting a positive putt on this stroke. So I am going to be aiming here at that kind of back target. Hopefully the actual green will kind of bring it back around. And even if I do miss, what I want to see is these putts have actually finished beyond the hole. So almost there, but it’s finished beyond. Again aiming at that kind of back target there, having that stroke up there. That's very consistent as far as the line goes or maybe you should have moved that ball slightly further off to the right-hand side.

But two out of two successful. Oh no, don't do it. Go, go, go. Oh I got sucked in. I got sucked into the hole. So again refocusing my mind more on that back target. That’s more like it as far as kind of stroke pace goes, because that's much more beyond the pin than the others. And moving back to this back target again, if I'm not going to get in the hole I want to just go past and beyond. Now that was a good putt, but I want to see it go a little bit further past than that if it’s not going to go in, and that last one.

That’s more of the aggressive pace that I want to be taking. Oh that would have been a nice one to finish. So only the one short out of those putts. This is a great thrill to be actually using. If you want to commit go to that at target after the hole. Hit those putts out a little bit harder and take your focus and your mind away from the actual hole. Give it a go and see how you get them.