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Video Transcript

So here is a really great exercise and a really great drill to help you have your first and basic understanding of what a swing plane is. And why I want you to consider this is a swing plane is this motion of the golf club around your spine. So if we simply this and take the spine straight up and then bring the club out in front of it so the club is effectively perpendicular to my spine angle and then I rotate.

Now, there is my swing plane and my swing plane comes back and around. When you consider how that looks like quite a simple physical objective, to turn that club around the vertical spine angle. So I bring my hands and arms into it and I make a back swing and the club comes all the way around and all the way back again. My swing plane is flat, perpendicular to my spine, but importantly my swing plane is the same going back as it is coming through and it doesn’t wander.

Helicopter blades are the same. They’re spinning around on their swing plane around the prop shaft. What we wouldn’t want to see in a golf swing anyway is something that comes around then comes off plane and then back up. Likewise, you won’t want your helicopter blades to be going up and down, you’d want them to be spinning around rather than bouncing around. The same thing happens with this golf ball. My baseball swing around my flat plane here is exactly the same, but in golf swing it’s an inclined spine angle, so now my golf swing still comes around my plane, around my spine. So I’m not lifting up or dropping on to a plane. That would look a bit wired done at this level, so the same principle applies here.

So if you can go ahead and start to establish what your correct swing plane is by swinging around your body I think that would be quite useful. So the first way to do that would be to look into a patio door or mirror where my camera is, set the club up here and swing back and just check that the club stays nice and horizontal to the ground the whole way through, it doesn’t go up and down loop de loop. So here, back and around is the same as here, back and around. Utilizing that baseball swing exercise there to help establish your correct swing plane.