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So if we can now back up the information about the weight shift with a couple of extra drills that you could utilize to make sure that your weight shifting correctly, you can practice these out in the driving range. The first one is going to be a simple walk through exercise, which a great way of making sure you are body weight shifts forwards during the down swing. So we are simply going to hit some shots and then take a little step afterwards, it might feel that it's a bit over exaggerated that we are going beyond the normal impact position, we are actually falling into the ball in the after stroke. But actually, that s a good thing for us to do with this exercise, so I'll make a swing, hit and then take a little step forwards. And as I take my steps forwards there clearly there is no chance I could leave any body weight on my rear foot on my back leg as I move forward and take that follow through. So the walk through drill is a great exercise if you're getting your body weight stuck on your right leg too much, now good exercise too make sure your loading your body weight correctly in the first part of your back swing is what we call a post impact drill.

So what we do here is we take a set up position but actually take the golf club past the impact position and then let it swing back from there and just by having that little bit of momentum as it comes back past the normal set up position. It generates a little bit of extra momentum to take the body weight to the right side and that should encourage a bigger back swing turn. So we push it forward a couple of feet through, let it swing back body weight to the right and then it's easier to come though. Often people don’t follow through correctly, because they didn’t load up correctly, but this exercise of post impact and let the club swing back really starts to initiate some good turn away from the golf ball and the last exercise I would encourage to give you. Is just an overall exercise that will help with your balance now if you can get yourself a balance bull or some of those balance cushions that you sometimes see at the gym anything like that, that you can stand on and make golf swings is a really great way of heightening your balance.

Now if you don’t have access to those you don’t have the ability to get those sofa cushions are really good or even standing on your bed. You stand on something like that there is wobbly and a bit inconsistent it makes you very aware of your own balance and very aware of how you are going to move. So as you start to swing back to the top of your swing you start to feel how the right side generates the pressure in the body weight. But it doesn’t sway to the little toe, but it doesn’t collapse to the left side either so we are standing on those cushions moving to the right side and moving back to the left and just being on an even surface the feet will work really quickly to try and stabilize you as quickly as you possibly can. Then when you come back to the golf range and you start hitting your shots properly, your body will feel much more stable much more balanced. So utilizing those exercise should encourage you to have better balance, better weight transfer using those drills.