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Video Transcript

Here is two really nice exercises to encourage you to release that left hand down correctly through the impact phase. The first one is actually just simply a left handed golf swing. So we set ourselves up, gripping a nice short iron, here I’ve got a nine iron, gripping it in my left hand, and just gently turning back and letting it turn through. Now for a lot of golfers the difficulty here, is that they’re going to try and hold that golf club too tightly to stop it falling out of their hands and that can stop them releasing. We actually want the exact opposite of this drill; we want to fill like the grip pressure with the left hand is quite relaxed, quite loose and allow the club head under its own natural weight to release over. So it’s turning back and releasing through the golf ball this way. Now of course you’re not going to do this on the golf course, I would suggest you’re going to go to the practice ground, maybe use a small tee peg and a relatively short club, tee up a dozen or so golf balls, ten golf balls, a dozen balls and just flip them away using that right hand – using that left hand and just let the momentum of the golf club release the club. Then if we bring the right hand on to that, we should still feel a nice relaxed left hand grip pressure and allow the club to release. Don’t try and force it, don’t try and fight it. And another great exercise to encourage the same sort of releasing action to happen, is actually to do complete with your feet touching each other.

So again we tee the ball up, taking a nine iron, feet together, opposite the golf ball here and then just flick the golf ball away with some nice short swings. Now because the lower half can’t work here, we’re not using the bottom half, we’re not really using the hips and the legs at all. The hands end up going from this nice L-shape position to this nice L-shape position on this side which is a great way of checking this effective release. So using the hands back and through and that nice effective releasing action, that’s a great exercise for you to do if you’re struggling to release the club doing it with your feet together. Don’t worry about hitting the ball far with that, just chip the ball away get the feeling, then start to put the power back in. You might start with your feet getting a little bit wider, gradually, gradually, gradually but keep the hands turning and working. If you get to a point where you really start hitting the ball hard, but you’ve noticed your hands have stopped turning , take that exercise back a little bit, go back to doing it with your feet either touching or closed. Lets the hands keep working again, gradually trying and put the power back in to it. So do it a bit at a time rather than just standing there pounding golf ball after golf ball after golf ball with your hands not doing the right thing. So there are two great exercises to help you work on releasing the golf club correctly.