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Video Transcript

Now there are many different drills that you can use to help you stay behind the ball when you're hitting tee shots. Now this is a fantastic one because it really adds a visualization aspect to what you want to be doing. So what I've done here is I’ll just take an alignment stick down in the ground. It’s really just pretty much bang on opposite my ball. And you can see how it's ascending off up into the sky. Now what this represents is what I want to be seeing as far as my initial trajectory goes. Now with the driver, that's pretty high.

It should take off a little bit lower than that. But this is really getting me the sensation of staying behind the ball, and actually hitting that club upwards through the point of impact. What this really, really does is it allows me to get in the setup position that we’ve already spoken about, getting my swing center behind the ball, moving through the point of impact, and then getting that club and that ball tracing up along this line. Now it's very hard to do that if my swing center moves ahead of the ball.

Because then I'd have to be kind of breaking down my arms, and almost scooping the club up through the point of impact. So just using a very, very simple visualization drill like this, it allows me to get set up, key my swing center here behind the ball, get that little bit of shoulder tilt, turn back, come through impact and try and get that club tracing upwards through the point of impact. Really, really simple to do, very, very effective. Give it a go and hopefully it will help you stay behind these tee shots when you clip them away.