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If I could grant golfers one wish, a lot of people would say I wish I didn’t 3-putt. Take away the 3-putts please, take away those 3-putts, I will be five shots better in every round of golf and here is the best way to get rid of those 3-putts. And it’s focus on your distance control, get your distance control right on your first put and you will very rarely 3-putt. When was the last time, that from 30 feet, you missed six feet left or six feet right that just very rarely happens. But a lot of times, you will miss three, six feet long, six feet short, from 30 feet. And it’s that six feet that you then missed to cause the 3-putt.

So if you can be good from the long distance, you will be a much better putter. So distance putting is all about feel, we just got to feel how far to hit this ball. No one can tell you how far to hit it, you have got to visualize it, you have got to feel it and you got to execute it. The one thing that you will add is also you will add a practice putt, so you will add a practice stroke to the side here.

And my practice stroke, can help me gauge the distance and the feel of the first putt. So here is a really good exercise, I would like to practice on the putting green, to help you improve feel. Find a space about 30 foot long, 30-40 foot long. And quite importantly it doesn’t have to feature a hole, it can just be a nice flat patch of grass. Two golf balls, you set up to the first ball and you just go ahead and make a stroke and knock it down there. So I am just going to hit this one away and it’s going to roll to the edge of my map, but that would normally be 30-40 feet away.

But quite importantly, after I have hit that one, I wouldn’t watch where it went. All I would do is feel how hard I hit it. I will then try and step up to my next ball, still I haven’t looked where the first ball went. I make my stroke with my second one and knock it down there. And I try and knock the second ball, the same distance as the first ball. So the first one I got to feel for how hard I hit it, if I can then replicate that feel on the second one, I should see my two golf balls down that quite close.

If you have enough time, I would hit a lot of balls in these pads. So I would hit one, and then replicate it with the next one, or you could even extend it up and maybe do a five, five without a single look, five balls all rolled down at the same distance. Because if you are good at replicating the pace on your putts and the feel on your putts, when you get out on the golf course, your practice stroke, yeah that feels about right. That determines how hard I am going to hit it. I will set up, I replicate it, my distance control is good and accurate and I completely eradicate three putting if I am better with my distance control. Practice that drill and get rid of the 3-putts.