Bridgestone Extra Soft Top Ball Review
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    The Bridgestone Extra Soft Ball features a new design and provides a premium soft feel on all kind of shots, promoting more distance and a straighter ball trajectory, being a jack of all trades sort of speak, and a true all-round performer.

    Just for the record, the Bridgestone Extra Soft Ball is the replacement of the old xFIxx model, and it's an excellent choice for slower/moderate swingers seeking better feel and improved distance from an extra soft golf ball. The new and improved Bridgestone Extra Soft Ball is built using a 2 piece design, featuring an extra soft gradational core that comes with a very soft compression, working in tandem with an extra soft ionomere cover. The soft core compresses fairly easy, in order to accommodate slow/moderate swingers, translating into straighter shots, less spin and increased overall distance, shot after shot, round after round. The proprietary/patented 330 Seamless Dimple Design dramatically improves the Bridgestone Extra Soft Ball's overall performance, by promoting enhanced in-flight trajectory and consistency. Bottom line, it would be very hard to find a better ball than the Bridgestone Extra Soft Ball for the money, in terms of consistency and feeling. This baby really delivers excellent value for recreational players, while improving your distance on every shot and boosting confidence.

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