Bridgestone E7 Top Ball Review
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    The Bridgestone E7 was built and designed with a clear purpose in mind: a piercing low flight trajectory. Using the new E7, you'll benefit from longer and faster shots than ever before, and since that's the name of the game, you'll definitely love the amazing distance and speed offered by this high tech piece of golf gear! Who is it for? Well, the simple answer is for everybody. Regardless of your skill level, if you really care about distance throughout the bag, you'll absolutely love the new Bridgestone E7. The ball features a new and improved design, i.e. a multi-layer built, which is cleverly engineered for promoting distance when using a driver through the wedge.

    The core is built for speed, while the firmer (compared to the E5 and E6) and reactive Surlyn coating makes for a faster rebound. The gradational core is aimed at enhancing speed while the inner layer promotes reduced spin, for further enhancing distance, especially when you're using a driver. The new WEB Dimple technology incorporated into Bridgestone E7's built contributes decisively to higher launch angles. Being part of the new E series, the Bridgestone E7 comes with a significantly upgraded feel (that's why you're paying premium prices for these golf balls) and provides a high pitched sound at impact, a sound which contributes to the ball's firm and crisp feel. With the driver, the E7 is the lowest spinning golf ball in the “family”. If you're looking for extremely low spin and a piercing flight, the Bridgestone E7 is the way to go.

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