Feel Lesson Chart

Having feel in your golf swing will help to make you a better overall player, and it will make you a better player under pressure. If you are just trying to make a ‘paint by number' swing where you check off each position as you get to it, your mechanics are likely to fall apart when the nerves set in. That shouldn't happen if you have great feel for the club head all the way through your swing. Feel contributes to rhythm, and it is rhythm that will allow you to perform well even under pressure.

Before getting further into the discussion on feeling the club head in the golf swing, there is one point that needs to be made right off the top – it is important to have a light grip pressure while swinging the club. If you are squeezing tightly on the handle of the club, you are never going to have much of a feel for your swing or for the position of the club head. There simply is no reason to squeeze tightly on the club, as doing so will only lead to trouble. As long as you are holding on tight enough to maintain control throughout the swing, you should be good to go. Whether you are hitting a long drive from the tee or just a short putt only a few feet from the hole, your grip pressure should be light and relaxed throughout the round.

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