What Is Golf Club Head Feel And Why Is It Important

For all you are doing to improve your golf swing technique, it must be remembered that the golf club, and more specifically the golf club head, is the important bit that actually does the hitting of the ball.

A golfer must never lose the feeling of where the club head is during the swing and what it is doing. When talking to golfers about their favourite club, they often describe it as just feeling right. This is all about how the club feels to them in the hands and the balance of the overall golf club.

It can often be difficult for a player to describe why one club feels better than another but it can certainly provide a lot of confidence to a golfer if they find a club that feels nice to them.

It is also imperative that a golfer can gain feedback from the club head after each and every golf ball has been hit. The golfers should be able feel if the ball was hit correctly out of the sweet spot or if the ball was hit more towards the toe or the heel.

Used correctly, this will provide valuable feedback on how the golfer can improve.