When you add it all up, a draw has the potential to travel significantly farther than a fade. The exact distance difference between these two shots will vary from player to player, but even a small gain is a gain worth taking. Nearly every senior golfer can benefit from adding a bit of distance to their shots, and doing so just might be as simple as switching your ball flight from a fade to a draw.

Draw Shot Tips Lesson Chart

In reality, it isn't all that complicated to hit a draw. You need to make a full backswing, you need to hold onto your lag angle, and you need to stay behind the ball coming down. If you can check off those three boxes successfully, you will most likely be able to turn the ball from right to left in the air. Of course, it can take considerable practice to master the moves required to hit those three points, so expect to need some range time before you are an accomplished draw player. A ball flying with draw spin will also have a lesser amount of back spin and therefore should not balloon in the air like the distance sapping slice shot. This will produce a longer rolling and more penetrating flight which will also create more distance even on windy days.

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