I Want To Hit A Golf Draw With The Driver 1

One of the most desirable shot shapes in golf – the draw shot is powerful, consistent, it helps shape around corners, it is long and is easy to hit once you have watched this tip.

The draw is a shot that starts to the right of the target and finishes on target in a controlled manner (left handed – draw shot that starts to the left of target and finishes on target in a controlled manner).

Problem – A great deal of players try to draw the golf ball by adjusting elements at set up such as closing the face to the target and aiming the feet/body closed to the target. This does not result in a draw shot but most of the time leads to a shot that will start to the left of the target and will curve more left as the club face has the most influence on where the golf ball starts. To hit the perfect draw, the swing path needs to be more inside to outside and the face closed to that swing path, however open to the target.

Fix – Place a tee peg about two feet behind the ball and about one foot closer to you. Place another about two feet in front of the ball and one foot away from you. The idea is to swing the golf club from the marker closer to you then make contact with the golf ball, and allow the golf club to swing over the other marker that is beyond the golf ball. This will encourage a more inside to outside swing path causing the ball to spin on a draw axis. Now as long as the golf club face is slightly closed to the swing path but open to the target, the golf ball will start right of the target and turn towards the target.

Releasing club tip – Once the grip has been neutralized then the idea would be to swing the golf club less from the outside of the ball. Therefore, attempt to swing the golf club more to the right of the target and release the golf club by crossing over the bottom arm with the top arm. Point the golf club's butt end towards where the golf ball started at set up at the half way position in the follow through.

Top tip – 'Think' release first then inside swing path second. This order of thinking helps when hitting this type of draw shot.