Learn To Hit A Golf Draw With The Driver For Increase Distance, Women's Golf Tip

A draw is a golf shot that initially flies right of the target and then curves to the left during its flight, finishing on the target.

A draw is a deliberately controlled ball flight that will allow you to play much more aggressive shots wherever you need to shape your ball flight, rather than you having to lay up and then play a more difficult next shot as you are further away from your target.

To play a draw, you need to initially hit the ball right of the target. To do this, aim the club face right of target. Club face aim is 85% responsible for the direction that the golf ball travels in. The club face must be aiming right of the target when the golf ball is struck. To create a curved ball flight, you need to impart spin on to the golf ball so that the ball curves during its flight. To do this, you need to swing the club head on an in to out swing path whilst the club face is aiming left of this swing path but right of the target.

Swing path is the direction that the club head is travelling in through impact. If you place an alignment pole on the ground to represent the target line, the side of the line that you are standing on is the inside and the far side of the line is the outside. The club head needs to be approaching the golf ball from the inside and then as it strikes the ball, it needs to travel across the target line to the outside. Whilst the club head is travelling on this in to out swing path, the club face needs to be aiming to the left of this swing path, but to the right of the target. Because there is a difference between the club head’s swing path and club face’s aim, tilted axis spin will be imparted on to the golf ball and this will cause the ball to curve during its flight. The greater the difference between the club’s swing path and club’s face aim, the greater the curve that you will see during the ball flight.

To hit a draw, aim the club face right of the target but align your feet further to the right. Swing the club head along your feet line but keep the club face aiming to the left of this as you swing, but to the right of the target. This will hit the ball initially right of target but the ball will then curve to the left and finish on the target.

Work on this when you are at the range or practice ground to start with and then once you have become more confident in your ability to control the amount of curve on the golf ball, you can start to deliberately control the ball flight when out on the golf course.