Need Extra Driver Distance 1

Every golfer would like a little helping hand with gaining more distance from the tee, and having a ball flight that moves from right to left for the right-handed golfer is one way of making sure your swing is producing the most efficient and longest golf shots possible.

Many golfers are plagued by a slicing ball that moves from left to right for a right hander. This not only means that the ball will often miss the fairway; it is also a distance sapping shorter and weaker ball flight.

A golf club that is swung on an in to out swing path can often be swung faster around the body than an out to in, cutting swing path. Need Extra Driver Distance 2This coupled with an aggressive rotation of the body and the forearms through the impact area, which is responsible for producing a club face that is aiming more to the left than the swing path, should create an accelerating and faster club head speed, much more so than the weaker held off club face position of a slice.

A ball flying with draw spin will also have a lesser amount of back spin and therefore should not balloon in the air like the distance sapping slice shot. This will produce a longer rolling and more penetrating flight which will also create more distance even on windy days.