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Video Transcript

So wanting to drive the ball a long way and hit the ball as far as we can; it’s kind of an essential part of golf; everybody wants to hit the ball a long way. So here’s a really nice little drill I’m going to call ‘the whoosh drill’ that should help improve your drive. Great drill to use on the golf course before you play is a little warming up exercise or even on each tee. It’s a great drill to help build rhythm, build timing, and build club head speed.

And you’ve always got the kit that you need because the only thing you need for a whoosh drill is a driver turned upside down. And we’re going to hold the driver the wrong way around; so grip it around the top end of the shaft. Grip it nice and loosely, you don’t want too much tension for this drill but clearly not so lose that you’d let go of it.

And then just go ahead and start making some nice little swings. And as you come through, you’ll hear the whoosh; and the whoosh if it’s picked up on the microphone happens down towards the golf ball. And the faster you swing the more this end whooshes as it swings past. Now, that on itself is quite a good exercise, but if we can now focus on making sure the club whooshes at the right time and not too early, that’s where your timing really starts to kick in, that’s where the club head speed can really start to improve as well.

So the whoosh ideally happens just at and after the golf ball and it def – it doesn’t happen on the backswing. I teach a bunch of guys that whoosh going this way; so that means their club head speed is so fast coming back, the grip actually whooshes through the air big problems with timing and try to control the momentum at the top of the swing.

So we want that club to be silent going back, whoosh coming down and feel like you build the whoosh, you build the club head speed. So you don’t get to the top and throw it down and accelerate and whoosh it in this part of the swing. You bring down slowly, and then you whoosh it through the bottom half of the swing, and you build rhythm with that exercise. So like I said, first tee before you play, great little whoosh exercise.

Maybe going through the round, if you get a bit stagnant on one tee, the group ahead are looking for a golf ball rather than getting bored and getting angry and banging your club on the ground, just stand there lazily making a few little whoosh drills. It keeps the rhythm, it keeps the control. And then if you’ve used the whoosh drill well, hopefully your tee shots will have some rhythm.