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That we know when we are hitting a golf ball, certainly when we are hitting a ball a long way, we want to hit it quickly, we want to get some club head speed, we want to hit the ball out there a long way. But another tip is really to make sure that you’re accelerating through the ball. We’ve got to make sure that we are getting fast in the golf swing at the right time, there is no point being really fast here and then slowing down for impact because the ball will just not go as far or as straight or accurately as you expect. So acceleration through the shot is important even when we are hitting the ball 10 feet with a putter or 30 feet with a wedge, we’d like to be able to accelerate into impact. So a great way of being able to accelerate is to you use the swoosh drill, now the swoosh drill works on the sound of the handle moving through the air unless you determine where you’re fastest. So we start off have just got my Thomas Golf hybrid golf club here and I have turned it over, the longer the shaft the louder the swoosh, the easier is it to hear. I have turned it over now so I can make my swing and I can hear the swoosh, and hopefully the swoosh there is picking up on the microphone. If it doesn’t don’t worry you will hear it as soon as you do it. Now the important thing is we hear the swoosh at the right place. Now the best place to focus I feel is between the ball and just after the ball that’s when the swoosh should be at its loudest. We want to avoid the swoosh happening up here too early. If we got a swoosh and then a slow down we hear the swoosh here, I have decelerated before I got to the golf ball, that’s going to cause me some problems. So the swoosh needs to be just after impact. Now I flip to the top spin the hips into an open position, drag the hands and arms down as fast as you can and then release the hands, and it’s when the timing and the synchronization of all those three motions come together. That’s when you accelerate the club the fastest, that’s when it swooshes the loudest, so nice and slow on the way back and then fast through to impact. You certainly don’t want to hear a swoosh going this way, no swooshing on the back swing, the swoosh happens on the down swing as you get round to a finish position. And because this club is quite light this way around it, it feels like you can accelerate it. Now when you spin it round to your normal club head position and swoosh it again it should really feel like it accelerate through the impact face, driving the ball down further. And that’s a great tip about how you can accelerate the golf club into impact.