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I ask golfers on a daily basis what you're thinking about in your swing. And often they tell me I'm just trying to keep my head still, and inside I just cringe a little bit because I think it shouldn't keep your head still. A golf swing should have a movable head, your whole body is moving in the golf swing. It’s a very dynamic action. Your head is connected to your body. Allow your head to move. Now, there's a bit of truth. Yes we know the heads to be up and down too much vertical movement that can cause some problems with striking the ball. But I really don’t want you to think about keeping your head perfectly still, all the time in a golf swing. It leads to a very robotic, very fixed, very shot swing with no real follow-through.

The head should just move around that's the product to what the body is doing. So during a good golf swing with balance to setup, we turn away to the real leg in the back swing and the head moves behind the ball. Then as the chest turns through in the follow-through, the head will move forwards through to the golf ball into a nice high finish the head would move up quite a long way in the follow though as your body weight comes off your rear leg.

So keeping your head perfectly fixed in the center could actually lead to a very stunted and not a very dynamic golf swing. Here's a great way of feeling that head movement and feeling that body weight movement to make sure you're moving correctly through the ball to maximize a good quality strike, but also maximizing power. Go ahead and take your normal address position just to a tee peg with your feet nice and wide part. I don’t feel like you make your normal back swing, but like your front foot move across, so it touches your rear leg, and this will feel like the body weight is now fully back behind the ball because you can't be in front of it.

From there as you make a nice transition, its going to be a step across to the left with your front leg, and the turn through so you finish fully on your front leg with your rear leg up in the air. So it’s a nice setup, move to your right, step, move back, and step through. And you'll feel that as that natural transition happens from back foot to front foot you can't keep your head still.

Then as you made your normal swing, this time you would keep your feet down, but you would still feel the body weight moving from back foot to front foot as you come across. So don’t try and keep your head perfectly still. Not masses of movement up and down left and right, but just allow your head to do what the body wants it to do. And the little step back, step through exercise is a great way of allowing the head the freedom that it needs to move during a golf swing.