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Video Transcript

A key way to actually get your arm as nice and loose and nice and relaxed in the golf swing is to make sure they are hanging correctly at address. When are getting into a posture or position where you want to be swing is your arms hanging down from your shoulders pretty much pointing straight at the ground. Now the only way to do this is to adopt a very good address position. So to gain your posture correct, if you start standing on very straight, beside the ball tilt over from the hips, keeping the back nice and straight and then adding in a little bit of flex of the knees.

If you bring the club into the ball you could see…just a little step away…you should see that the arms hang naturally from the shoulder and I'm not straining them. I'm literally just laying them drop from that point. If your arms hang naturally and they drop from the shoulders and you don’t have to push them forward or push them down, the arms will be in a much more natural position than they otherwise would be. If they are in a natural position, they are going to be in a relaxed position as well and they will allow you to move the club much quicker and a lot more consistently.

So it’s getting that setup, then you go back tilt over with the spine, the arms are hanging very naturally down from the shoulders and then using a nice like grip pressure, you can swing away. And because of that natural pressure, I was able to move the golf through nice and smoothly and contact the ball very, very crispy.