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Now the terminology reverse pivot is a word that is used to describe the body weight movements going in the wrong direction. So a reverse pivot for a golfer is from the address position the body weight is going to be 50/50, as they swing back they put their body weight too aggressively onto their left leg and then as they are coming down, they reverse out of it going onto their right leg. It’s quite a common thing with beginners particularly people who are trying to hit the ball too hard, they lean one way, and then they reverse out of it and all the body weight gets thrown backwards. There is often shots that ironically don’t go vey far at all, quite imbalanced and for a lot of people, they get a poor strike as well. So we would like to see with a reverse pivot and how to correct it is focus on the address position being 50/50 but then make a conscious effort to move backwards, in the backswing. Let your body weight follow the clubface. So as the club goes back the body weight goes back. The hope now being that if you are on your right leg on the backswing, you are going to want to move in your follow through and you should move to your left side.

So that’s when the right leg would lift and the body weight would go to the front foot and the front foot would get heavy. So we start off 50/50 we make a conscious effort to get back behind the ball in the back swing and then push back across to the front leg. And that’s the reverse pivot and how you can try and get out of if. If your reverse pivot is very aggressive and you are struggling to get out of it, accentuate the movement forwards by actually taking a little step. So here we are going to start off 50/50, move to the right leg and then actually step through. But once you’ve started to learn this feeling of stepping through with the shot it goes completely against the bad position that you were in at the start when you had your reverse pivot. So 50/50, 60/40 and then 100% onto your front leg, and that’s a great way of getting rid of it even a rather extreme reverse pivot.