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When you're faced out in the golf course with an uphill chip shot, there's a few things you need to take in to consideration to make sure you apply an effective shot with a great result. The first thing is when you’re playing uphill obviously the ball is not going to roll out as far as it normally would, because it’s going up the slope. So when you come to select your club, take more club, use a less lofted club than you would usually use. Have the ball roll up the hill. So if you'd normally be playing the shot with the pitching wedge, consider using an 8 iron it will get the ball to run a bit more and it will counter the effect of the slope and not letting it roll up the hill quite as much. So less lofty club is really going to help. Now let's look at how you're going to set up. If you're on a flat surface, you would set up to chip, and you would notice that when you're in a position which is correct to chip so we've got the weight slightly on the left, we've got the ball in the middle of the feet and we've got the hands forward, okay?

Your spine will be pretty perpendicular to the floor and your shoulders will be relatively horizontal to the floor. Now we need to really replicate these positions to get you to hit a good shot. What will happen is if you're on a slope, you'll tend to stand upright to stop yourself falling over. So if you imagine the slope is like this, you'll tend to stand like this on the slope. So now you can see that your spine is no longer perpendicular to the floor and your shoulders are not parallel to the floor. So you've got to adjust for this. So the way to do it is to get your shoulders to reflect the angle of the slope that you're on. So if your slope angle is like this at the hill, you want to lean this way until you feel you've got your shoulders at a really similar angle to that slope.

And that will start to tilt your spine back, so that you become perpendicular again with your spine to the slope. So the way to remember is have the weight on your lower foot and then just to allow for the fact that you're on this slope, just push the ball towards your upper foot slightly more than usual. So weight on the lower foot, ball towards the upper foot, keep the shoulders so that they're parallel to the floor and then swing with the slopes. Stay in that position. So you're going to feel quite awkward but it'll allow you to swing the club down the slope and then back up the slope to play the shots. So if you take those tips into consideration, you'll find it much easier to get effective chips up the hill.