How Should The Legs Work In Today's Modern Swing - Senior Golf Tip 1

    The modern swing is very different to the swing of yesteryear. It is much more rotatory and is more stable in the legs which puts much less pressure on the lower back than the ‘old fashioned’ style of swing.

    Through the more modern style of golf swing, the legs provide the power, and these exercises show how.

    The modern swing is much more driven by rotation of the legs and the hips than it ever used to be. Understanding how the legs work through the backswing and forward swing will gain more power and relieve pressure on the lower back.

    Backswing - During the backswing the legs stay very still with very little movement in the knees which promotes a strong coil where the upper body turns against the lower body. This creates huge stretching in the muscles of the hips and lower back creating and storing power that can then be released into the golf ball. Also, because the legs stay very still during this movement, this means that the swing can remain stable and balanced allowing the power to be delivered to the golf ball very consistently.

    Backswing Exercise - To limit the amount of movement in the legs during the backswing, hit golf balls while holding a driving range basket or football in-between the knees. Holding an object in-between the legs maintains the stability of the lower body as the inside muscles of the legs will tighten to hold the object and keep the legs from moving.

    Forward Swing - The legs during the forward swing are very dynamic through the impact area. In a powerful golf swing, the hips rotate early and accelerate through the ball leading the rest of the body. The early rotation of the hips drags the rest of the body to the golf ball creating a very fast movement while also opening the lower body up and creating room for the shoulders and golf club to attack through the impact area. At impact, the left leg straightens and the right knee drives into the ball at the same time as the right hand. This means that the whole right hand side of the body drives into the golf ball all at the same time to produce huge speed.

    Forward Swing Exercise - To practice driving the legs forward through the golf ball, walk through the shot. Set up for some practice swings as normal and while swinging, as the golf club makes contact with the ball, lift the back foot off the floor completely and take one step forward. Time the step so that the back leg moves through the ball with the club as one movement. After some practice shots, stick with the same feeling and just move the back knee through with the golf club, leaving the foot where it was to complete a more classic finish position in the golf swing. Here the legs are still being driven through the ball but the foot remains on it's toe end maintaining balance for control. This is a great way of driving the legs into the ball and as the timing becomes better with practice, more distance will be gained.

    Use a more modern movement of the legs to gain more power and stability and improve your golf.