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Video Transcript

Now if you are looking to actually stay behind the ball a little bit more, there are things that you can do to actually help your cause. Now I've already spoken about setup. We've already spoken about how tilting the shoulders can help. Moving swing center back can help. But there are also a number of different drills that you can use. Now this is a very, very good one. And this focuses on lower half movement to actually aid upper-half movement as well. Now what I've done here is I've just teed up a ball, and I'm using my 8 iron.

Now I am going to do things here with my 88 iron that I wouldn’t normally want to do on the course, because I don’t really want to take much of a divot. But for this specific drill, it's a fantastic way for you to get the sensation of actually staying behind the ball when you're hitting it. Now as I get set up here, the ball position is pretty much in the middle of my stance. And you can see this alignment stick is only just on the outside of my left foot here. Now what I'm going to do, in a normal situation you’d actually want to see this moves a little bit more behind.

So it doesn't kind of contact as you come through, but just so you can see a little bit clearer on the video. It’s getting yourself set up, so that ball position is in the middle, getting that chest pretty much bang over the ball like this. And then as you actually take the club away, what I want you to feel like is as you are moving through impact, you're turning the hips. But you are not allowing them to move and actually hit this alignment stick. And as you come through I want you to feel like that chest position is almost moved a little bit back from the ball.

Now this is very, very counter-intuitive because it’s pretty much the opposite of what you want to be seeing with an iron shot. In a normal iron shot what you want to be seeing is those hips moving through, bumping into that alignment stick, turning away in that swing center to be on top of the ball or even just a little bit ahead of it so the angle of attack is descending. But what this drill does, it really kind of teaches you to control where your swing center is. So it's taking it back and then as you come through, moving that chest out a little bit behind the ball.

And then just trying to clip that ball off the top of the tee, not taking a divot. And that will really help you identify where your swing center is and how you control your body movement that little bit more.