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So when I answered to the question, what is the proper golf swing, you better go and put the kettle and make a cup of tea because we could be here for some time, but seriously it’s ask the meaning of life, you know, what is a proper golf swing, there has been hundreds of hundreds of books, hundreds of hundreds of videos, every different player on the TV and every different golf coach has got a different idea on what the perfect golf swing would be, but I think most golf professionals, most book writers, most playing professionals, would share some similar thoughts about some key areas and key positions.

We know a golf swing should be something that can be reliable, and hitting the ball in a consistent fashion in the right direction, in the right height and the right distance and all of that really comes down to the impact factors that affect the golf ball as you actually strike it. The golf ball doesn’t care where the club is at the top, it doesn’t care what color pants you have got on, all it cares about where that club is through the impact position, how fast it is traveling, where it is aiming and where it strikes on the ball. So it doesn’t matter whether you are Bubba Watson or Jim Furyk or Tiger Woods, those guys all share some very, very similar impact positions.

So as long as you can get the path in the golf club and the relationship to the club face correct you can get a good solid strike after the middle of the club and you can do that on the repetitive consistent basis at high speed, your golf swing could be a very playable swing. So if you are curving the ball or topping the ball or doffing the ball, clearly there is something wrong with those impact factors but don't necessarily worry if your golf swing doesn’t look particularly pretty or particularly nice, as long as you are in a good position of impact you are getting all those impact factors right and then you can compare Jim Furyk and Tiger Woods and they can both hit beautiful high drives, beautiful 7 irons onto the green and they can both shoot 5 or 6 on the power on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, it matters what the golf ball looks like and that's the answer to what the golf swing mean.