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Video Transcript

As we look a little bit more deeply at how the hip angle can affect the way we swing the golf club, we need to really make sure that we have got you addressing the golf ball in the right place in the first instance.

So first thing we are going to do is pick our target down here. I am going to aim for a red flag this way out in a distance about 185 yards out is my red flag and I am going to aim my body towards that as best I can. So when I am setting up to the golf ball first thing to notice is the club head goes down behind the ball pointing towards the target and exactly the right position, square position as we would call it. Then I am going to try and lay may toes down in the right line, so I have got front of my toes here pointing in the right direction. I have then got my knees, my hips, my shoulders all pointing at square to target as possible.

If you can imagine the camera lens is now my target, I have got the club on target, I have got my toes, my knees, my hips and my shoulders all on line. I wouldn’t want to see any part of my body aiming off line, everything wants to be nice and square and parallel to that target. The stance should also feel quite athletic, so when I am setting up to the golf ball, I have got a slight knee flex, I have got my hips squeezed back nicely and I have got my hands and arms hanging down in front of me quite an athletic stance little bit of flex in the knees. I am not slouched or curved over here. I have not got my legs straight locked up, none of those positions really worked for me for my athletic stance.

One other thing would be to have the hands and arms hanging nicely down in front of me. So as I setup to the ball, my hands and arms hang down nicely in front of my body and then grip the club. I don’t have my hands stretching out like this, I don’t have my hands too far tucked back in here, hands and arms nicely down in front with a good grip and then from there I can go and make a nice swing. So not out here, not back here, but relaxed arms, nice athletic stance and everything pointing in the correct target line, that will be a great initial setup position to make sure you have setting up with your body in the best place to hit the straightest golf shots.