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If you’re struggling with your driver and seeing that you really aren’t getting a lot yardage with it, then we’re going to look at how to improve this during the swing tip. One of the big things you’ve got to do with your driver as a lady golfer is really turn your upper body and get a very good shoulder turn. So if you find you’re losing yardage with your driver one of main reasons for this is going to be using your arms too much and you’re not creating any upper body rotation. So let’s have a look from set up position, so we’ve got the ball inside the left foot, we’ve got the club head set next to the ball with the hands over the crown of the club head and we’ve got your body so that you head is set in just to the right of your hands. What we want to work on doing is as you swing the club back, really rotate in the upper body to 90 degrees to the right of where it started.

So if we look at the upper body positions starting in this position, we want to make sure that by the top of the swing, we rotate the upper body to 90 degrees right or as much as we can get to 90 degrees right as possible on that back swing. Okay as we do that we want to make sure that the legs they’re very stable and balanced and the hips don’t turn as much as the upper body. What we’re trying to do is create coil and what coil means it’s just basically it means twist in your body. So as I swing back I'm looking to keep my hips as square to the target line as possible, and as I turn back I’m only going to rotate my hips 45 degrees, my hips are going to stay in this position but my shoulders are going to rotate to 90 degrees above that. So that’s going create a lot twist in my core and in my torso here.

As I swing back in I'm really going to drive the legs towards the target and then at the last second I'm going to release my shoulders into the ball and that’s going to give me added distance. So instead of swinging back and lifting the arms up, where you don’t really see much rotation in the upper body. Work on swinging back and rotating to 90 degrees right of your start position with your upper body. That’s really going to help you generate a lot of power and lot of distance and you’ll see that instead of hitting those shorter drives you’re about to get maximum yardage and maximum length.