Increase Your Chest Turn 1

    Most golfers have a desire to try and hit the golf ball further. It can make the game so much easier, as long as you can keep the ball on the fairway.

    For many golfers, trying to hit the ball further results in inconsistency, inaccuracy and the breakdown in their technique. This often occurs as golfers try to hit the ball harder using the wrong part of their body, predominantly over use of the arms.

    Creating a full chest turn and releasing through the golf ball can be a great way of adding distance without sacrificing accuracy.

    To understand the feeling of a full chest turn, take your normal address position then lift the golf club up and lay it across the front of your shoulders so the butt end of the handle points at your target. Next, fold your arms and hold the club across your shoulders.

    Increase Your Chest Turn 2

    Start by making a normal shoulder rotation into the backswing. You should notice how the butt end of the golf club is now pointed towards where the golf ball would normally be. This is the feeling of a full chest turn in the back swing. If holding this position feels tight you may have an issue with inflexibility which may result in a loss of power.

    As you start your downswing, focus on how you unwind the shoulders and the chest so that the opposite end of the club now points back to the golf ball. This is a full released chest position which will help you create a more powerful swing. Repeat this exercise on a regular basis and incorporate it as part of your golf warm up routine.

    During your round of golf, pay particular attention to maintaining this full loading up and releasing chest action to maintain good, powerful long drives.