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I was thinking that given the choice, most golfers would like to hit the golf ball 10, 15 or even 20 yards further. But to hit the golf ball further, it's really important that we generate more club head speed and to get more club head speed, we've got to get more power from our back swings. So when you set up to the golf ball, you want to try and make the feeling of coiling up to create power within the spring and then releasing the spring as fast as possible. If you don't create the power in your spring, you can't expect to hit the golf ball a long way.

And the way we create the power is we turn our upper body, the big muscles, the shoulders and the hips, we turn our upper body, but it's really important you turn your upper body over a stable base. As I make my back swing here, I rotate my shoulders around and you can hear my voice that's getting a bit tighter as I turn the spring to let go now. I would naturally unwind. I don't have to necessarily move to let that happen. I just unwind naturally.

If I make the same back swing turn round to here and I get that tension, and then I move my legs around as well, that tension now disappears, because my shoulders, my hips and my body is lined up. So clearly it's important I use my upper body to create power and I resist with my lower body.

So a really good exercise for you; lay the club over your shoulders, focus on turning 90 degrees so the club points behind the ball 90 degrees to target line. Focus on keeping the hips fairly unwound up so we don't too wind the hips up and collapse the knees and the legs too much. Just 45 degrees out of the hips is enough, and really focus on being flat-footed.

So I don't want to see the shoulders turning and the heel coming up into the air here. This means I haven't wound up enough power. So it's turning my upper body over a stable and planted base to create power. Once you've created that power, go ahead and let it unleash down the target line towards the finish position. So it's creating the power in the backswing with a 90 degree-shoulders, down into impact, unleash your power. And if you can wind up and create more power correctly in your backswing, you'll get more club head speed and more distance down the fairway.