Video Series

Video Transcript

Surely one of the greatest feelings in golf is hitting the driver as far as you can, as hard as you can straight down the middle. It feels fantastic. It looks fantastic. And it's the sort of shot that gets the plaudits from your mates as well. But it can sometimes leave you just wanting that little bit more because the fairway is kind of an endless thing. It just goes on into the distance further and further and further. And it doesn't matter whether you're a two hundred yard hitter, a two hundred and fifty yard hitter, or for those blessed enough a three hundred yard hitter. We always think, can’t I hit another five yards further, can’t I hit it another ten yards further, can’t I hit it with a club shorter going into the greens.

We always want a bit more of my driver. So even if you're already driving the ball really nicely straight down the middle, how about we try and add a little bit more yardage? Now most golfers are looking for that extra yardage all the time, be in their equipment. They might be looking to spend more money on the latest greatest, new driver they have seen advertised on the TV or on out on the tour. They might be looking, the smart ones anyway at their own strength, their own flexibility or even their own swing mechanics in order to try and maximize those four components. It isn't just club. It isn't just strength. It isn't just flexibility and it isn't just swing mechanics.

It's a balance of all those things going together to try and give us the maximum distance. Now really there's only one of those things that you can buy. You can walk into the shop, spend three hundred pounds or three hundred dollars, buy the latest golf club, walk out and try and make a difference. Now I think that will actually make the smallest difference to your game. The things that make the bigger difference is the strength, the flexibility and the swing mechanics. But actually there also the things you can't just buy. You can't just pay money and get stronger. You can't just pay money and get more flexible or pay money and get better swing mechanics.

Even if you pay a golf pro like myself to help you, there’s still a certain onus on you to actually put the hard work and the effort and the practice into the swing mechanics, the strength and the flexibility likewise. So in this nice little series of videos, we're going to look at how best you can focus your practice time and your efforts to improve your game, to give you that extra distance down the fairway to hit those better tee shots and a little bit further as well.