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Almost every golfer I ever sit down with and to discuss their game will mention at some point during their initial assessment that they'd like to hit the golf ball a little bit further. And I think that's the thing with the game, it isn't about how far you hit the ball, theirs is always somebody that you've played with that bombs it out that are a little bit further. And you think, "Well, it'd be nice to be that far much further down there."And the reasons why it's nice that much further down is you get easier approach shots. It's easier to add nine irons into a green than it is to hit a seven iron into a green. You get a bit more control, a little bit more spin. It may be brings some of the longer par fours that you can't currently reach in two. It brings those holes in range if you can hit it a little bit further, and maybe even some of the par fives in two shots as well if you are a real big hitter. You can start getting onto par five's in two. So, hitting the ball further is definitely something we’d would like to be able to do. But there's always that little caveat that comes with hitting the ball further. We've got to make sure we retain the current level of control you have, or even increase the level of control you have.

Now, for most people the control is associated with a balance, so if you're hitting the ball so hard and so far that you're loosing balance, there is a risk that you're sacrificing control. So, we need to make sure that these next few videos and few tips that we try and increase the club head speed, we try and get to hit the golf ball further. But we need to keep a degree of control. Now for some golfers they say, "Well, I'd like to hit it 50 yards further."Well, is 50 yards realistic? And is 50 yards necessary? Actually for most golfers, if we can increase that club head speed by five miles an hour, we increase the distance by about 10 yards, about two yards per mile an hour. Now if you hit the ball 10 yards further, it doesn't necessarily seem like a huge deal, but actually if you times that up two or three times for the two shots you hit on the par four, or three shots you hit on a par five.

So driver, three wood, seven iron, all going 10 yards further on a par five. You're now have 30 yards nearer to that green. So could hit a wedge effectively instead of the seven iron, or if the seven iron doesn't reach. It now might start reaching. So that little five mile an hour increment that gives you the extra 10 yards on a par four gives you 20 yards nearer. On a par five give you 30 yards nearer. So if we can squeeze five miles, 10 miles an hour extra from club head speed to increase 10 or 20 yards out there off the tee shot, that has a knock on effect on the other shots and it should help improve your game.