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There's a few telltale signs for most golfers that they might just be swinging with their hands and arms only. Now ideally you would get yourself videoed or even go for a professional golf lesson with a PGA pro, and they'll be able to highlight these issues for you. But there's a couple of crucial things you might actually see in your own golf shots that would tell you that you are struggling with the hands and arms only golf swing, you're not activating your body well enough. One of the first issues, primary issue, is going to be slicing the golf ball. A lot of golfers, it's a common fault that the ball sets off left-of-center, finishes right-of-center, and in trouble for the right-handed golfer. And the slice is often caused by a swing path that comes out from the right, across the ball to the left with a club face that's open to that swing path, and the ball will slice or fade because of that.

A golfer who doesn't use their body but only swings with their hands and arms, he's generally going to create that problem. Also other golfers that struggle at golf is that find the lack of distance. So you might be quite a big strong chap, and you're playing with other people who are a similar age and similar athleticism to you, but when you tee off you always find that you're 20, 30 yards behind them. Doesn't matter how hard you try to hit the ball you're always struggling to keep up with your playing partners. And that could be a cause because you're using your hands and arms too much, and you're not activating the big, powerful muscles. If you're relatively young, relatively flexible we want to take advantage of that, and start turning the big muscles in the core of the body that generate power. Doesn't matter how hard you're trying if you're just using your hands and arms you will always be susceptible to not hitting the ball very far.

The last reason that might be sort of a highlight of why you're not using your hands and arms – sorry, you're using your hands and arms too much, not using your body is going to be fatting the golf ball. So if you're playing around the course and you're familiar with the idea of the club hitting the ground before it gets to the golf ball, and the ball doesn't go very far, and the ball just weakly fats down the fairway, big divots, but divots are always before the ball. That could be caused by hand-and-arms only golf swing by slimly not moving your bodyweight laterally well enough so you're not getting to here and driving across this way, and then taking a divot after the ball. If it's just a hands-and-arms choppy swing you might be hitting the ground before you get to the golf ball.

The fat shots; that's another big red flag that says I'm probably swinging with just my hands and arms. So the slice, the lack of distance, and the fat shots are all red flags that tell us we're not using our body too much, we're making hand-and-arms only golf swings.