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And this discussion of how important our arms are during the golf swing is only fair if we look at all the individual roles that the arms can do during the swing. So if made a good address position, what we notice first in backswing is the arms provide connection, connection between the arms, the hands, the club and the body, everything turns away in a warm piece motion here, so everything is nicely connected. The next thing we see in the golf swing is elevation, the hands and arms provide height to the backswing, so they work together to let the golf club lift up, so therefore we get connection elevation. Then we start to get some clue, the hands and arms are going to work to provide a good amount of resistance in our downswing, so they start to turn and twist and coil up to the top which we then release to generate a good amount of power in the downswing. The hands and arms also provide support for the golf club, so the top of the backswing that club is supported by the hands and arms. Now done correctly would look quite solid, done incorrectly the club gets very floppy here and we wouldn’t be able to control the length of the backswing, we’d find the backswing getting all sorts of length and problems over the top here with no support.

Then in the downswing, the hands and arms effectively unwind all of those things and then they release. So if the hands and arms can release through the ball correctly, we release the club at speed, the potential energy we had there's no point having all this potential energy and then hitting the golf ball with nothing going on through here. So its potential energy and the release through the bottom to really drive that ball out there a long way. If we have all of this going on and then hold on to it, we’re going to struggle with a distance that we’re trying to hit the golf ball. So those five different jobs that the hands and arms do during the swing really highlight how important they are to the golf swing and how it’s important you understand each job how it’s meant to happen and how that can help improve your golf swing.