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If we're working on nice relaxed hand and arm positions, there's a couple of really nice little check points so we can make sure that we've got the hands and arms in a relaxed position, that’s the set up. What we wouldn’t want to see is a golfer that sets up the ball and then gets really tense with his arm out here. Now this is a classic guy who's too tight; fore arms are tight, hands are tight and the back of the neck is going to be quite tight as he lifts his shoulder up. This is not a good position. Watch what happens if I take my right hand off, my right hand falls in here nowhere near the grip. So we can actually use that right hand position as a great guide for where our hands and arms should be a set up. So address the ball again, let the hands and arms hang quite naturally down towards the ball and then here.

Now because I've got a nice big spine angle tilt; my hips are pushed back, I'm tilting quite well over, if I take my right hand off and just switch it off so it's really relaxed, it actually hangs exactly where it wants to be on the grip. And likewise my left hand just hangs there next to the grip; they're both in quite a mutual position. They're not too far in, if they were too much under here I'd let that hand relax and then swing it. Likewise my body's too upright, my hands get too high, I get tense in the shoulders, my hand would be nowhere near to me either. So relax my hands and arms down, relax my right hand off the grip completely and bring it back on. It's in its mutual position and I think that’s the cracking way that you can check that your hands and arms are relaxed by letting your hands hang vertically downwards in your address position.