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Video Transcript

The concept of staying behind the golf ball is a little bit of an enigma for a lot of players. There’s two different ideas that we're trying to work on here. You know you are often told you've got to stay behind the ball. You've got to get your head back behind the ball to hit the ball well. But then we’re also told you got to shift your body weight forward. You really got to get through the ball well, and oh yeah you are hung back on that when you should have got through that one a little bit more. So a lot of golfers get a bit confused about what am I trying to get going this way and what am I trying to keep back behind the ball this way. And also how physically fit and flexible do you have to be to try and do this accurately. So let me give you an idea of exactly where you might try and get to in your golf swing.

So we start off, we're going to be about fifty, fifty in the swing. As we get to the top, the body weight might drift slightly towards your rear leg that builds power. Then in the downswing we drive the body weight back to the front leg driving the body weight this way, drives the power this way. But you’ll notice as I'm driving the power this way that one part of my body, my head actually stays back. I wouldn't really want to see this happening too much. In fact the idea of the head getting passed in, in front of the golf ball, for a golfers particularly with the bigger clubs is going to cause them lots and lots of problems. We've got issues of getting too steep, too far outside the line, hitting down on the ball a bit too much.

Other golfers that might be hanging back behind the ball too much are going to hit the ball too fat, might lift upon the ball, hit the ball a bit too thin. So you’ve got a nice balance here that we've got to work on to make sure that from the top of the swing, we move the bottom half forward. But we actually keep the upper part and our head particularly nicely behind the ball to get a good impact position, and then allow the head to come through and follow through. So in these next few videos we are going to work a little bit more importantly on how that body weight can move through the ball correctly. I am going to show you in nice details the ways you can benefit from keeping your head behind the ball during the golf swing.