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I think it’s quite easy to suggest that in the golf swing the arm must play quite an important role, clearly there the connection between the club and the body and a generally a great way of generating a huge amount of power in the golf swing. You can imagine that your hands and arms from the set up position, they don’t have any power here but during the backswing, we pull them back and they create a lot of power and then as they release down they really generate the power through the golf ball for the club head speed to come through very quickly. Effectively your hands and arms are like a giant slingshot, they wind up and then they release through the golf ball. So it’s very important that we have the hands and arms doing the right thing throughout the entire swing. So therefore it’s very important that we have them doing the right thing initially in the set up position. So we see a lot of golfers make mistakes in the set up position of having the hands too close, potentially having the hands too far away, having the hands and arms too far one side, another side or even bent in. So we need to make sure we’re setting up with the hands and arms in the right place and here's a first little tip I'm going to give you to ensure that you get a good set up position to allow you to get a good backswing position. We’d like to see as everything moves away as the hands and arms move back with a nice connected turn of the body.

Now, if I have my hands and arms too close to me and I'm just going to try and swing my left hand only inside my right. If my hands are too close and I try and move my left hand back, it actually hits against the outside of my chest and effectively I get stuck. Now if I have my hands too far away from my arms, too far away from me and I move my left hand, my left hand can move all the way round here without moving my chest at all. So I’d say that’s too tight but also that’s too far away. What I’d like to have is a nice comfortable relaxed arm position. So when my left arm moves, it can move, but it also takes the shoulder with it, it turns the shoulder. So too close I get stuck, too far away I have too much freedom to move the arm independently, but from here as I turn everything back, I start to feel my left shoulder coming and effectively this is the correct thing my hands and arms should do in the backswing, I should have a nice turned connection. So too close I can't move, too far away it goes on its own, here everything will start to turn nicely together. So if I can get my hands and arms in the correct set up position, I can really encourage a nice warm piece takeaway and put my arms in a very powerful position to create the slingshots for maximum power to hit golf balls down the fairway.