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So if you’ve now gone ahead and identified that you do have an issue with having a poor shaft lean at impact, so generally speaking we’d see that as a poor shaft lean is the hands being too far back at the point of impact, producing that high shots that sure shot, and occasionally a fat shot. If you’ve now identified that as a fault, you now need to work on a drill that will hopefully be able to get you out of that fault. Now, a really good exercise here would be to go ahead and take your normal address position, but then exaggerate a forward press.

Now some people use a forward press as a trigger, some people use a forward press as a trigger in putting particularly, but actually in this exercise we are going to really exaggerate that forward press. So we take a normal address position, where the hands are slightly ahead of the golf ball, we are going to forward press to a good six inches ahead of the ball, and then go ahead and make our swing, exaggerate the forward press before you start your swing.

We are going to do this drill over ten golf balls and we are going to start by doing a very short swing, so I want you to sort of knee height to knee height, almost like a little chip and then graduate that back further, back further, back further until after the tenth ball, back into our full swing position if I turn around this way. Now just to help yourself out with the strike, it is not a problem if you want to use a little tee peg, just to lift the ball up in the air, slightly as I have here, go ahead and take the normal address position, hammer slightly ahead, exaggerate the big forward press and then back and through.

Now what you can notice about that shot there, that was an 8-iron and it got very, very low off the ground. It didn’t come up into the air hardly at all, and that was because my hands were pressed well ahead, maintained their forward pressure through impact, maintained that forward shaft lean, which of course takes a lot off the club head. But if we go back to our original assessment of a bad shot if we flick and scoop, goes too high, goes too short, hit the ball fact so that was the exact opposite of that.

I have my hands well ahead, the ball flight was a lot lower, and therefore; we presume the ball flight is going to be a little bit further as well. So, if we can get that concept again and then take it out a little bit further. Don’t forget in your practice session I would encourage you to do about ten of these shots gradually building up, so again set up full pressure, now slightly longer in the back swing, so set up, hands ahead, slightly longer, still keep my hands on the head, and again I produce a very, very low penetrating ball flight. Gradually build your swing up till you get through ten shots and each time add a little bit more power, and I hope that drill will really help you with your hands ahead, forward pressure and better shaft lean.