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Often feel that shaft angle is quite an overlooked part but a very important part of the golf setup. So when standing to the golf ball we want to make sure that the angle of the shaft is an important part through our address position. We don’t just sort of forget about it and presume that ball position will look after it, because as the ball position changes the shaft angle might change a little bit as well. So when I address this golf ball I've got a seven iron here so the ball’s position just slightly ahead of center. But if I have the hands back the angle of the shaft is very different, the hands here the angle of the shaft is very different. And that will have a huge impact on direction but also height and the contact I get on the golf ball.

So it's important I feel to have the shaft angle so it points at the left hip just the inside of the left hipbone here. And it's pointing there for angle but also for height. So pointing it two up two down, two for left, two for right causes issues, so having the ball position in the right place and the shaft angle there. Now shaft angle is not going to be maintained for all of my iron shots, it changes because the ball position changes. So as I take a pitching wedge apply the ball a little bit further back towards the middle, the shaft angle has now increased. It's leaning more forwards, it provides a more descending blow, more attacking blow, hitting down spinning the golf ball and potentially launching the ball a bit lower but then again my pitch wedge has gotten way more loft that’s going to give it back up into the air.

As I take a less lofty golf club, a longer golf club the ball position moves slightly further forwards than my stance. The point of aiming the ball end straight to my left hip is the same, so that points to my left hip. Now the shaft angle is almost reduced to nothing, it's kind of level potentially with the driver, it could go way forwards here this point to my left hip. Now it's actually leaning backwards, that’s going to help sweep the ball up into the air with my driver and have more an upwards angle of attack. So understanding that shaft angle and how it should change with different clubs then how it should be maintained for consistency is a really important part of your address position.