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People are always looking to try and improve their driving and there is lots of different tips around that can have you achieve that. One thing which you'll see a lot on the PGA tour and the very best players in the world do is hover the driver just before they hit. Now hovering the driver just before you hit can lead to some good advantages within the driver swing. This is certainly something I do within my own game.

So, what does that look like? Well, generally most players when they get a setup will leave that club down on the ground behind the ball, get it rested, setup and that after that club has been resting on the ground then start to take away. Now hovering the club lifts it up off the ground and literally just puts it in midair before the ball. Now the advantages of this, as you're getting in that setup position is that you can take the club away much smoother and without the feeling of interference.

A lot of people struggle to trigger the backswing. A lot of people struggle to trigger the driver swing either because of nerves or either because they’re just very, very tentative over the driver stroke. Hovering that golf club again actually lifted off the ground before you hit will allow you that freedom to take it away without any real interference. It also helps lifted up off the ground just in case there are any imperfections in the turf, any LT sticking up, any sharp signs of divots. The club will not be interfered with as it moves back.

So very, very into the setup position and where does that club would normally be, just on the ground, it's just about lifting it up, hovering it very, very slightly and then allowing it to be taken back nice and smoothly without any interference.